Thursday, November 10, 2005

Inter armes leges NON silent

Flabby Whitebeard, his political astuteness yet to suffer the erosion of that of his master, suggests that concessions will be made on the 90 day amendment to the Worthy Bill of Terror. Cassandra Blair retorts 'I see great woe to those who defy my wisdom. 90 days or else.'

Should our hero concede? For has not his master's judgement been tempered in the furnaces of Whitehall, Washington and Sedgefield? Has it not been sharpened on the whet stone of war, education and prevention of terrorism debates before? And has he not emerged triumphant?

A fool would resist such force of argument, such a hurricane of sagacity, and so Flabby relents.

But what's this? 49 loyal minions have defected! Could Tiberius Blair, he of shuttling diplomacy and presidential swagger, have erred in his advice? Moreover could the struggles of The Sun Newspaper of Delphi have got it so wrong?

Forsooth it is true!

Croaking recriminations, Tiberius retreats into his cave. One step further from reality, another step further from the masses who once heralded his every newborn son. With unbended will he goes to perfect his Cartesian mode of politics, from which the outside world is his only distraction.

Flabby Whitebeard stands loyally in the breeze as the stone rolls over, absorbing bodily the arrows for his master. Let us hope it is a vain attempt.

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