Thursday, March 23, 2006

AUT strike

Here's some exciting news! I received an email informing me not to worry and the University is working as hard as it can to ensure that all students would be able to sit exams at the end of this year.

As this website will tell you , with its picture of a group of lecturers trying to look mean, there's a strike on at Uni, or as one my tutors would rather 'an assessments boycott.' I should be quite outraged, given that I had hoped for graduation in 2006, but I'm not that bothered. I'm actually quite in favour. Lecturers deserve better pay if only to attract better people into the job. This apathy of course is mostly due to my disbelief that we will not be able to sit exams. Most have already been set and it doesn't need the lecturers to turn up on the day (they rarely do anyhow).

Worst case scenario is that we get our results a few months late. A little shitty for those applying for jobs and post-grad but for those of us planning to enjoy a good book and work 4 days a week, not much of a problem.

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