Monday, January 19, 2009

Brown moaning

This is strange

In the same press conference Gordon Brown paints the consumer as the victim of irresponsible usury and the next as a desperate suckling in need of banks aid.

Opening up the books is a punishment for previous naughtiness.

Do banks operate in a vacuum?

Or are the actions and desperate grabbing hands also to blame for the current crisis.

Credit cards don't spend themselves.

The banks greed certainly got out of hand but let's stop divorcing this crisis from our own responsibility. We spent too much - especially you GB - and now pay the price.

I'm not a pre-Keynesian or neoclassicist. But get pissed off with the bitching that it's all someone else's fault. GB is making political capital out of a situation that he presided over as Chancellor.

In what way can he credibly separate himself from it now?

It makes his solutions a little harder to swallow.

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