Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fluffy's take on the financial descent

We're really falling now - yet to hit the bottom and this frightens the life out of policy makers.

SURELY they must do something. SURELY!!!!

They scream and so do the followers and counter-arguers and media. Oh the media! Whipping up a storm over a single gilt bond auction that was only slightly undersold and THEN the UK government reacts and backs away. Timid and uncertain.

It's no problem being uncertain - the last ten years we've gotten away with kidding ourselves that we can be even as species, climate and food sources are knocked away beneath us.

Being timid, however, can only further the panic.

So what would Fluffy do?

Nothing - hold fire for the time. Money is moving in ways that no one alive has a clue about. Repeated stimuli will only have the effect of pouring money into the sink - and by sink I mean that referred to by chaos theory, the energy that literally goes to nowhere. It will induce stagflation and saddle us with debt for years to come.

This is infuriating for governments, press and practically the whole conversation. BUT we can't DO NOTHING!!!

But you did do something and it did nothing so now you're only tempting a bigger nothing than you've earned before. And if you think the world economy is bottoming out - haha!! - you're wrong.

The structural change that's underway is harking back at LEAST to the creation of the inter-related market mechanism, typically set in the 17th century. If that's the case we've got a whole lot more cleaning out to do. the more apocolyptic and mystical trace its origins to Babylon, when man first looked at the Earth and saw a competitor not a jewel.

The economy - the set of inter-relating structures that channels goods and services - is moving to another footing. More in keeping with the time and mood of the people and these people have become a little less greedy.

The current system is set up for greed - for infinite accumulation and one that's out of touch with the needs of the planet, its creatures and the people that walk on it.

Some folk began to realise this and spend their money differently. It's only so long that the old system, which went beyond a joke with Reagan/Thatcher, could keep up with conscience-driven demand. Its rails simply run the wrong way. One day I'll get round to describing how this is actually done but hopefully the concept is well-drawn enough to be understood.

Once the shift occurs in people's actions (and it's more of a trend whose consequences are now becoming fully known) it's only so long before the structures that were built to house people's previous actions become obsolete and crumble. Evolution is possible but if the previous actions were well set, it's crumbling that occurs. (This is Schumpeter's thinking who, like Darwin, hit upon a theory far more powerful than even his galactic brain could surmise)

The current system is built on greed and therefore banking. Banking depends on infinite creation of money and people to whom to lend to. The latter are charged for the money they borrow - ostensibly to cover risk - but the effect is that the banking system charges cash-strapped people for their credit and enrich themselves beyond the dreams of avarice.

For this reason 250 families own 45% or the world's wealth. Not income. not the golden breeze that flutters by, but long standing, ill-liquid, stuff that survives for generations wealth. These people make Bill Gates and Warren Buffett look like minnows. It's also the reason the creation of perpetually unevenly rewarding system goes back to the founding of the banking system itself - again a 17th century phenomenon.

What's peculiar about our time is that the dream began to believe itself. The bankers actually thought they could deceive and create money our of leaves. A little bit of borrowings OK but the extent of self-delusion - and I genuinely think they thought they could away with it - that led to our globally over-leveraged economy is staggering, frightening even to the level of being humorous.

So the banks are based on greed and the people no longer wish to be greedy - banks must therefore fail and they know it and are therefore holding on to every last scrap they can. Opening their books to each other now would reveal such failure to make the current situation seem like a haven. They are all in the shit, for now they struggle on alone.

So what would Fluffy do?

Restore money to the people. If the economy's moving along new lines there's no point the government or banks deciding for us which way that's going to be. Have some faith in the people and let them spend or save as they wish. Allow them to set up community savings trusts and invest in local initiatives. Support them in this with a light touch.

The idea is that people are waking up quicker than the media-phased government is allowing them to. Give the responsibility of their own decisons. Give them a sustained increase in their income for the next four years and see what they do.

It doesn't need to be much - maybe 40 pounds per month, though the higher the better and should be in the form of a lump sum not a tax cut, which disproportinately rewards the better off.

The first effect would be to limit timidity. The second would be creative redistribution as the generally unselfish people - who have long been thought to be otherwise - invest in their communities and not wars and over-extensive surveillance systems.

Also give them a vote on how government money should be spent. Health, education or war. make the each of these more representative and less conglomerate and...

for fuck's sake de-privatise education, health and other public projects. Stop the mockery of a belief that in an intention-driven universe (and it is my purpose to let the cosmic influence my thinking, it does anway so let's wise up to it) it is possible to build the best possible health or education when the primary intention is to make a profit.

It's such a dim view of humanity we have shovelled down our throats when we told we're profit hungry soldiers marching to the drum of the banks. It's bullshit and they know it - time we knew it too.

Put money in our pockets, let us show you the way we're going to go. Don't be scared we voted for you.

Shame you're too blind and stuck up your own arse to see clear as day your tired thinking is over. Time for the creatives to step in and wipe the floor with you. This shift is bigger than even old Karl could predict. All that is solid really is turning to air to the extent that even the socialists could not build structures to support and sustain it.

Let the people be creative and above all trust them.

It's the last thing you haven't tried.

How about it?

Love and inspiration,


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