Friday, July 31, 2009

An article by Naomi Klein

John Bricks was the slipper on the lap dog of a puppy when economic ruin came and savaged his last gasp of heper winter. $250 billion dollars have caught this last gasp of chumzy weasle and left a hapless sergeant with choking gasp of pain.

Governmental corporations built the sway side and no one was left to breath in Tanzania, Frurtania and other classless objectifiers given by society, the Queen and all her kin. We've been rosy-topped and shallied along and meanwhile there a throat hold on the 10.22 at Doncaster that 7,000,000 boat holders are going to miss off the coast of Gambia.

This can only point to one thing: the government owns you and you lazy son of a bitch are too stupid to follow all the words in my column.


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