Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Europhobia keeps us spectacularly well informed (via TJ) about Berlusconi latest obfuscation. The burly italian is getting ever closer to emulating Caesar with his proposal to change the constitution allowing him to dismiss ministers and dissolve parliament at will.
These are the
most significant reforms since the post-Mussolini constitution came into
in 1948, and place more power in one man's hands than has been seen in
Italy since the time of the baldy blackshirt.

Gee I sure am glad to be British with such a megalomaniac in charge of our Italian cousins. Imagine what friends Berli must keep...actually let's not.

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buzzer said...

Hi, I was wondering if it's possible for you to edit this, by changing the address to my post about the reform of the italian parliament.

It's all due a mistake I did.
I wrote it originally at the address: http://italyfalling.blogspot.com/2005/10/italy-is-falling-explained-parliament.html. Later I tried to migrate from blogspot to wordpress, exporting all my post and comments, but eventually I gave in because of some limitations, expecially with templates. So I remained at blogspot.

The blog you're linking to here is actually a dead one, which is never updated nor edited, while the working one is at http://italyfalling.blogspot.com.

I think I will even end up deleting all the posts I already moved on wordpress, and in such case you would have a dead link here. Unless something new pops out in wordpress in the meantime, like right now, which I doubt!

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your patience if you actually managed to read all the way through this... if you'll be so kind to change the link, you probably want to delete this comment, too. It may sound quite stupid otherwise.

Thanks and nice blogging!

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