Thursday, October 27, 2005

The tale of Jim Swan

Incidentally, while researching moose (instead of a dissertation *gulp*) I uncovered this little diamond courtesy of James Swan of the National Review. The delicious subtitle of "Think we have hunting problems? Try the U.K." is followed by observations on the "draconian British gun-control laws":

Pistols are forbidden. To possess a shotgun or rifle it is necessary to hold a
certificate granted by the police. Certificates are not easily obtained.
Applicants are subject to police checks, and gun owners must store their guns
securely. Only small-caliber air guns, like BB guns, are exempt. Pistol-shooting
members of the British Olympic team have been forced to practice abroad.
This despite the fact that $500 million pounds of the economy rely on hunting - haha these limeys! But the British public's blindness to obvious entrepreneurial opportunity is not the worst of it:
...economics is not all that's at stake here. As Joseph Campbell once said,
“Flesh eats flesh is the master pattern of life.” By taking life for nourishment, we learn to revere it from the heart.

In 1999, there were 8,259 firearm murders in the US (62 in UK). Many of Old Jim's compatriots have obviously taken his advice to heart.*Boom* Shameless anti-Americanism from bastard me.

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