Monday, February 06, 2006


Further to the previous, for those smug fuckers who think Europe is a haven for free speech, see this case highlighted by Kitty Killer, and followed by Chicken Yoghurt.

Two men, calling themselves the Serapion brothers, have been expelled from a Birmingham Further Education college for publishing a really not controversial newsletter giving apathetic students a kick up the arse. Furthermore their appeal has been quashed.

There are so many things with this decision I don't know where to begin. I'll leave it for others:

Kitty Killer: "Remember, these are not children which have been smacked for begging for sweets - these are men in their early to mid twenties who have been denied the right to criticise the establishment which they have paid fees to attend to, and punished for exercising that right."

Guerilla: "
as mature students this was our shot at academia little did we know that we would find narrow mindedness on a college campus where intellectuals are supposed to flourish along with critical thinking. Instead the college just wants to churn out morons that don't question or think just obey."

We need to energise the blogosphere to keep our rights in tact. Write to MPs and newspapers, lobby NUS (already involved) and leave messages of support for the Serapion brothers on their blog. Whatever your views, we cannot allow such institutional intolerance to grow. We must send a clear message from the beginning. Just ask Martin Niemoller.

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