Friday, February 10, 2006

Rt Rctny Tony Blair

Tony Blair , no knee-jerk reactionary he, has taken Abu Hamza's conviction as evidence that his glorification bill needs to proceed at pace. Hang on Tone, wasn't the clawed convicted under existing legislation, without the need for fascist reforms?

Just to remind what they are, TB gave a handy outline at PMQ's:

"The law will be strengthened in some very important ways. First of all,
indirect encouragement to acts of terrorism will be made unlawful and
glorification will be mentioned specifically as an example of indirect
incitement to terrorism.

"Secondly, I think it's extremely important - I would be grateful
if you would look again at this position from the point of view of the
Conservative party - we had provisions originally in the bill that would allow
us to proscribe groups who glorify terrorism.

"That has been removed from the legislation in the Lords. I think it is
very important we send a very strong signal out that any group or people who
glorify terrorism in any way at all will be committing a criminal offence and
those groups that rely on glorifying terrorism to attract recruits should not be
able to operate in our society."


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