Monday, May 15, 2006

If only this were boring

The carpet bombing of civil liberties and human rights continues with Blair calling for a 'rebalancing of the civil liberties debate'. I swear the man has go it in for me. The last exam of my university career is on Thursday and he has to make it his mission to destroy what I hold most dear before then. I've said all I can on the subject, felt enough grief to last beyond my exam. Here are some quotes from the shit magnet himself:
"The demands of the majority of the law-abiding community have to take precedence," he told the launch.

"We should not have to fight continual legal battles to deport people committing serious crimes or inciting extremism."
Especially when they face torture in the country we wish to deport them to, and haven't faced a fair trial here because these are after all vile and dangerous men. Unconvicted maybe, but Ian says they are so they are, K?

"We cannot allow violent or drug-abusing offenders to be put back out on the street again without proper supervision and, if necessary, restraint"
Especially those that have served their time and repaid their debt to society, as deined by our so called justice system?

"Now none of these things is new but what I think is new is the emerging national political consensus to tackle them, and that should be a central part of the debate ahead."

From the Sun yes, but where else?

"Despite our attempts - and we have made many of them [we know!] - to toughen and reform the criminal justice system ... the criminal justice system is the public service most distant from what reasonable people want," he said.

Or rather a figleaf for your continuing ineptitude.

I'm sorry make this blog into a one issue wonder but I'm sick of Blair feeling that he must create news the whole time because everything else is ballsed up or run out of steam. It was fine when all he wanted to do was have tea with Damon Albarn but when he threatens our basic freedoms to continue his little show it becomes clear that he deserves to die a horrible and ugly death. The issues he delights in highlighting are simply not important, the way he wishes to deal with them is. I admired Blair when he refused to make immigration an issue at the last election, but playing with xenophobia is just as inexcusable when it comes to deporting foreign criminals. It is nothing more than a simple lust for power and that makes him anything but Churchillian.

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