Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Six degrees of blogging

Coffee and PC is attempting to get to Oscar Wildebeest in no more than six blog links. However, the bloggers had to have met in the flesh. The route has gone through Tim Worstall to Devils Kitchen with whom I am well acquainted. I can get you to: Fire On the Lifeboat, Trashbat and via Hesq you can get to Inthecompanyofus.

If Myspace counts, I can get you to Charlie Calleja - which I suggest you check out anyway because he's brilliant.

All of these live within or around London, furthest is Cambridge, so we could be getting close.

That's it!!
Well that started at 4.16pm yesterday. Worstall completed the loop at 12.28 pm today, with a hop of only four blogs: Coffee & PC, Rob Davies, Worstall, Danny Finkelstein and Oscar. Ye Gods the blogosphere is smaller and more frightening than we ever thought possible.


Oscar Wildebeest said...

Just find someone who's met Clive Soley, as I have explained.

circletide said...

The trail goes cold with me I expect, I meet few people and even more rarely to admit to upholding a blog! Still nice to be a link in a chain of possibles.

I met Alexei Sayle once, whilst walking around the Tate modern. And Booby Moore nearly ran my mum over in Leytonstone in the seventies. Any of those help?


circletide said...

Booby Moore? What a tit.

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