Friday, January 27, 2006

Google tears

So, after much heart searching to protect their groovy image, Google have gone into China. Past Present Future is more than a little outraged at this move, which entails cooperation with the Chinese government's censorship programs.

The outrage can only stem from disappointment - the view that Google was different from evil Microsoft had obviously become entrenched. It seems people forgot that this was just clever branding. Clever branding that is that could not resist 100 million (and counting) new users.

Now see what a funny Welshman has to say about it.


Robert A. Swipe said...


How can I ever thank you for linking to me x2? (..and don't say smear my lithe and lissom limbs and torso with delicious, Drambuie infused baby lotion - we don't want to provoke another Rowan Pelling hissy fit, now do we?)

BTW: Do you still harbour feelings of resentment at having been Christened with a name like that? I know I would - and I can talk!!)

Love on ya (ya big softie, you!)



sonia said...

yep. Lip service. If someone's paying lip service to something and then doing something else, its annoying. if only to highlight they may as well not bother being hypocritical, then we can just bash them straight out. i agree google's branding has been very clever until now..managing to not have too much of a fuss made about their increasing monopolistic behaviour. Now that's going to be changing!

i'm annoyed because until now, i've been using Google to do 99.9% of my searching. now that's going to have to change. why? because i like to support independent media.

My fist of flounce said...

Cheers Rob,
Please remember to thank Mariella for her reply

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