Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If I had £114 million

Despite the hoards tempted by the promise of being "as rich as Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne" last week's Euromillions lottery game produced no winner but swelled the jackpot to a record £125 million for this Friday's draw.

Now if I was a multi-millionaire with a sense of humour, I would buy 76 million tickets, total cost of £114 million, each with a different combination of numbers thus ensuring I won and netting myself £11 million in the process.

Of course these plans could be scuppered if someone else's numbers came up too, but that's where the sense of humour comes in.


Milan said...

What if someone else also picked the winning number?

My fist of flounce said...

Like I said, that's where the sense of humour comes in.

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