Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Take Action on Extraordinary Rendition

Hey Fluff-fans,
For those following reports of extraordinary rendition of terror suspects, here is the widely reported leaked memo which details the Foreign Office's advice to "not be drawn on specifics" ie the biggest load of horse shit since Hercules did a favour for King Augeas .

If you would like to take action to ensure British airports are prohibited from being used as to ferry trrrsts around the globe, please take note of the message below circulated by Liberty.

If you are unsure who your MP is or how to contact them go here and search 'Ask Aristotle' positioned on the left hand sidebar.

Sorry this is a little delayed, I've been spending too much looking at the labour supply effects of a basic income guarantee (aka citizen's basic income). More on that soon.

Consider Phlebas has some interesting things to say on the current topic:
What is more worrying is the normalisation of this as a discourse, as a political situation. Citizens are disempowered, deprived of information and oversight, unable to take the hard choices that are necessary for their security. Liberties are restricted, so as to give the powers to the state and its organs necessary to combat the existential threat, a threat which never seems to diminish, is endlessly fertile. Seem oddly familiar? I thought so.
Spot on.

Campaigns Alert- No Torture- No Compromise

Campaigns Alert

No Torture- No Compromise

Government Torture Advice Memo Leaked

A Government memo leaked today reveals that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advised the Prime Minister to evade questions about extraordinary rendition. Instead of urging the PM to uphold the Government’s responsibility to ensure that alleged CIA flights carrying suspects to face torture are not using UK territory, the memo states that the debate should instead be ‘moved on’.

In response to this development Liberty has written to the Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, MP asking the Government to actively cooperate with police inquiries into extraordinary rendition and to uphold its obligations on the prohibition on torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

Liberty is also pressing the Government to support legislation which will safeguard against the practice in UK airspace or airports. Baroness D’Souza has already put forward an amendment to Government legislation which would achieve this. It is vital that this, or a similar amendment, must be passed. Please write to your MP today and ask them:

  • To urge the Government to pass legislation ensuring extraordinary rendition can not take place through British airspace.
  • To join the cross-party Extraordinary Rendition Group of MPs.

More information on extraordinary rendition and Liberty’s No Torture- No Compromise campaign, is available on the Liberty website. The website also contains ideas on actions you can take to ensure the Government properly investigates these claims and upholds its obligations on the complete prohibition on torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

The memo is available at www.newstatesman.com/rendition

What Can You Do?

  • Write to your MP and ask them to ensure the Government supports a change in the law to make sure extraordinary rendition flights do not use British airports or airspace.

If you would like to be kept informed about the No Torture- No Compromise campaign please contact Doug Jewell, the Campaigns Coordinator, at dougj@liberty-human-rights.org.uk

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Gentleman-hobbs said...

Its like rod hull and emu. Tht Government and corporations use the papers as a puppet. You can have freedom of speech but don't expect any stories or adverts from us. So there goes freedom of speech and the dissemination of information. Now America in turn has its arm so far up big Tones arse they are even working the mouth piece. Corporate (oil) America is the overall puppeteer and out the window goes all the good things, not to mention the erosion of our culture. This is replaced by a national identity that is fuelled by bigotism and paranoia. Amazingly our press have a lot to say here. Don't even get me started on the fairtrade sham, which clearly does not affect garment workers or these building our gadgets.

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