Tuesday, April 25, 2006

AUT still striking

With 3 days before my exams start (the reason of course, for the recent increased blogging activity) it looks like my exams will be going ahead as planned. In Scotland, however, we are lucky that the exams were submitted in December, so that the actual lecturer doesn't turn up for invidulation doesn't matter a bit. I have heard that this is not the case in England and Wales, however, where the AUT's examinations and assessments boycott (more on which here) began before many lecturers submitted their papers (can anyone correct me on this?).

The problem however, is the marking. For me this doesn't really matter as my plans for next year are not dependent on my immediate results (thank God!). For others going into post-graduate courses or jobs that require a specific grade, it is more distressing and the lecturers are certainly testing the patience of this group.

The view amongst the student body, as far as I can gauge during tea breaks outside the library, is still largely on the side of the lecturers, with the attitude that the University cannot afford to write off a whole year of graduates. As graduation nears, however, this assertion is getting more and more high-pitched.

My prediction is that exams will (mostly) go ahead with the result that grades will be released a little late. The chance of a marking backlog is very slim: what lecturer would wait for the boycott to end before they waded through reams of essay, dissertations and exams?

Any lecturers care to contradict me?

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