Thursday, April 20, 2006

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I've recently been using blogflux, a relatively new service designed to get make blogging easier. However, their related blogs page still has some way to go, as you will see below

A good example is Citizen Phil - top o' the table
"... the Pentagon and the Administration have long argued that terrorists and enemy combatants should not be funneled through our normal criminal court system. And here we have the perfect case in point, why the court system is the absolute wrong place to resolve these issues"
That case being Zacarias Massouai, and how the judge is considering whether to declare a mistrial or drop the death penalty option, after it was discovered several witnesses hhas been coached. This doesn't wash with Phil:
"These people are mortal enemies of the United States of America, her people, her government, her way of life. They do not belong in her judicial system, where civil and criminal laws are adjudicated for U.S. citizens."
It's a shame they never adjuducated you, Phil.

"There is far too much at stake, to allow the whims of Judges to affect the outcome of these cases...This is the war on terror and when you fight a war, you kill your enemy. Judges in our court system are not war fighting machines. They do not kill people in defense of our very country, and are not equipped to deal as harshly and mercilessly as is required in such circumstances."
The whims of the government and intelligence services being much more reassuring. I'm sure we'll hear a lot more from Phil in weeks to come.

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Anonymous said...

this comment is addressed to this phil fellow and all those who think in similar ways, it is a comment in the form of a quotation, a comment in the form of a pleading request...please, please, lets be humane, good people, forgive others and not seek to endlessly punish, murder, or ever kill another....

Kahlil Gibran :

"Everything on earth lives according to the law of nature, and from that law emerges the glory of joy and liberty; but man is denied this fortune, because he set for the God-given soul a limited and earthly law of his own. He made for himself srict rules. Man built a narrow and painful prison in which he secluded his affections and desires. He dug out a deep grave in which he buried his heart and its purpose. If an individual, through the dictates of his soul, declares his withdrawal from society and violates the law, his fellow men will say he is a rebel worthy of exhile, or an infamous creature worthy only of execution. Will man remain a slave of self-confinement until the end of the world? Or will he be freed by the passing of time and live in the spirit for the spirit? Will man insist upon staring downwards and backwards at the earth? Or will he turn his eyes towards the sun so he will not see the shadow of his body amongst the skulls and thorns?

Kahlil Gibran on Slavery.

The point is, again this is addressed to those of Phil et al's mindset, what could there possibly be left to destroy in america that is not already being destroyed by its own citizens ?


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