Monday, April 24, 2006

"You have to take it on the chin, like my chin..."

Fighting talk from Martin Jol after Saturday's bust up with Wenger:
“What happened was a bit disappointing because he called me a liar and that was a bit strange,” Jol said. “You have to take it on the chin, like my chin. And people don’t know how strong I am, otherwise they wouldn’t approach me with head-butts and everything.

“I haven’t seen Wenger since the game and I think managers should not be acting like this. I’ve not had a drink with him and don’t know if I will. I hate it when I’m right and I give somebody a handshake and he does this (gesturing walking away). I did well because I held myself back and I really don’t think he knows how strong I am.”

Taking the moral high ground, sounding rock hard AND making Wenger look stupid puts Jol in pole as my Dutchman of the year.

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