Saturday, April 08, 2006

Scoot's shot at Dubya

So the Libby case hots up!

Our old friend Scoot has been quoted in court papers as saying that Bush ordered him to out the CIA agent Valerie Plame. The tactics from the Bush camp, however, are extremely. Far from the usual denial, they've all but admitted that the command to grass came from the top and have set about defending the decision, arguing that the leak was "in the public interest" and the prez can declassify what he wants.

It's a pretty bold line, but rather flimsy. Firstly why has it taken this long to come up with the declassification excuse and leave everyone with the misapprehension that Libby was in the wrong all this time. Secondly, the only public this leak served was a very small one around the White House.

This administration has baffled, bemused and stunned its opponents by using the seemingly most naive of tactics to wrongfoot their opponents. It will therefore be fascinating to see how this one turns out. It seems likely that Bush, who'll be out of the picture in a couple of years, may have been sacrificed to protects the long-term interests of Cheney. While embarassing, circumstances are far from warranting an impeachment (as some suggest), so why not let Bush take the bullet and Cheney march on unbowed, or at least unbeheaded?

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